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Traditional camp is everything you expect from summer camp: a wide variety of activities, meeting new friends from all over the world, and positive, enthusiastic counselors. Coppercreek’s Traditional Camp is where we all come together; it is family, support, fun, and new opportunities.

Traditional Camp We offer over 50 activities run by a professional staff whose average age is 23. Each day the schedule changes and we allow campers the chance to choose the activities that interest them most. Campers from ages, 7 – 15, participate in Traditional Camp which creates a fun, family environment to live and play in. We work hard to make sure every camper feels welcome, connected, their physical and emotional needs are met and they are making the most of their stay with us. We believe the real gift of Coppercreek is time away from the constant bombardment of technology and the ability to connect with new and old friends and enjoy the natural world. We are an intentionally smaller camp so we can provide a personalized camp experience. For example, when a younger camper needs extra support, we assign them an older buddy from our Junior Counseling staff to help them get to activities, provide extra supervision and company and feel connected to camp. Older or more experienced campers can dive right into activities like: riding lessons, wake boarding, learning how to skate board, roll a kayak or maybe, hold a baby chick or pet a piglet.

Traditional Camp We offer different Special Events from Carnival Day, Beach Party, Cardboard and Duct Tape Boat Races, to Camp Spam. Once each session, the entire camp sleeps under the stars on Outpost Night, roasting marshmallows and telling stories around the campfire. Of course, we include the traditional favorites: Campfire, Talent Show, Capture the Flag and Theme Parties. Closing night is always emotional with lots of tears, hugs, sharing of addresses, and then the decade’s old tradition of Counselor Serenade. Ask any alumnus, and they will tell you, Counselor Serenade is forever engrained in their heart. After the campers are tucked in and the lights are out, the counselors armed with guitars, tour the cabin area and sing “good bye” to the campers. It is a beautiful and special tradition, one that every camper can’t wait to participate in when they are on staff. The words filtering out of the cabins from the campers, “love you”, “miss you”, “sing more”, “I’ll be back”, wrap everyone in a warm blanket of friendship and belonging.

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