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Horse Riding Camp


Horse Riding Camp Sutter Allen, co-owner, oversees our entire horse facility including not only the summer camp program, but also breeding, training and year round riding lessons. She rides both English and Western, competes in Three Day Eventing and our Equestrian Center is truly her passion. She works year-round to ensure the quality of our facility, our staff and horses.

All Coppercreek riding instructors are required to complete a 5-day clinic prior to the beginning of camp. We bring in outside clinicians and host this clinic for other camps as well. Difficult and demanding, the clinic evaluates an instructor's ability to teach group lessons at various levels, safely and effectively. Our site is also critiqued by the clinicians for cleanliness, safety features and happy, healthy horses each year.


Coppercreek has three riding arenas, all watered for dust control: one, a new dedicated jumping and dressage arena at 180180, one at 90200 feet, and one at 9090, which allows multiple levels of riders to participate at the same time. Our 60 foot round pen is used for beginning riders and ground lessons. The surrounding forest contains miles of riding trails.

The 2500 square foot barn has a foaling stall and several small pens and turnouts. Horses are housed in large quarter acre turnouts with shelters for heat and rain protection. Horses are tacked up in our saddling corral and tie racks. These areas hold about 30 horses at a time with tack located in our nearby beautiful new Tack House. Instructors are assigned to the saddling corral and tie racks to assist campers with the grooming and saddling of their horses.

All horses receive quality alfalfa or grass hay, supplements and grain according to need. Manure is removed daily, and our facilities are constantly monitored for repair and cleanliness.

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