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  • THE WHY OF COPPERCREEK: Our purpose is to expand each camper's physical, social and mental growth through participation in our low-key, non-competitive programs. We try to place the safety, educational and athletic needs of our campers first, before that of staff or business.
  • LOCATION: Northeastern California, 100 miles north of Lake Tahoe, 30 miles south of Lassen National Park, 10 miles east of Lake Almanor. Elevation is 3800 feet. Daytime highs 75-95 degrees, nighttime 45-60 degrees, sometimes a lot hotter and sometimes a lot colder.
  • GEOGRAPHY: Pines, oaks, meadow, pond, 4 riding rings, pastures, swimming pool, craft house, two shower houses, dining deck. 3 miles from Greenville, which is a small, relatively depressed community in logging and cattle country. Closest movie is 25 miles away. We don't talk about the spotted owl in town.
  • HOUSING: For the most part, Campers and staff sleep in cabins. Some staff do sleep in tents. Our cabins have canvas flies and screens over window openings, doors, are roofed and have wood floors. There is electricity, electrical outlets, bunks with mattresses and covers. You supply your bedding. The two centrally located shower houses have flush toilets and (sometimes) hot showers. You are definitely "one with nature" at times. Yes, we have bugs, too!
  • SEASON: Mandatory staff training begins one week prior to the first day of out first session of camp, see dates and tuition page. The CHA clinic for our equestrian center staff typically takes place during the week prior to staff training and quite often either our Lifeguard Training and/or Challenge Course training does as well. Our training calendar varies a little bit from year to year so please confirm your dates of availability before accepting a position. Staff week will cover all aspects of resident summer camping, safety, discipline, interaction, expectations of children, administration and staff in our training. Our camp offers one of the longest and most comprehensive staff trainings in the business and our hope is that this training allows you to feel supported, informed and able to do the best job you can do.
  • Our RIDING STAFF will participate in a 5 day Certified Horsemanship Association clinic during the week of June 1st to June 8th. This clinic is a demanding and informative week spent evaluating where you are as a riding instructor. You must be a confident rider to do well in the clinic although you are being evaluated on your teaching style. Basically, you can't teach what you don't know. At the end of the clinic, you are tested at the level you are most able to teach. Many of our instructors test out at level 1 for their first experience. We pay all of your clinic fees (about $600) and take care of your room and board. Once you are hired, we will supply you with the books, materials and information necessary to participate. STRUCTURE:
    • Traditional Camp ages 7-15
    • Counselor in Training 10th & 11th graders
    • Junior Counselor 12th graders
    • Trek 9th-12th graders
    All these programs combined fill our camp at about 105 campers for capacity. The Trek programs are teen travel camps and the groups are only in camp for a few days at a time. The other programs run concurrently remaining mostly in camp. We have about 32 program staff and about 15 support staff. Everyone is included in all camp activities as their job allows.
    We like first time counselors to be 21 by camp. Riding Instructors can apply at age 19. We do hire some "under-21ers" from our reservoir of alumni Trekkers and CIT's and as I say, "we do make exceptions for exceptional people". Current CPR and First Aid certificates are mandatory. Other certifications welcome and sought after are all the ones listed on our application. Any certificate that gives you more credibility and experience is valuable to us. Program staff must be willing to hike, sleep out on the ground (we will do this at least once a week), learn basic environmentally sound camping practices, will need a skill or two to teach, and must bring their own personal clothing and equipment suitable to perform their duties. Personal mountain bikes, kayaks, water skis, etc. are welcome. A SLEEPING BAG IS REQUIRED!!! (This is no joke!)
    PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS ARE REQUIRED AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE (you will be reimbursed after arrival at camp) AND MUST BE SUBMITTED PRIOR TO ARRIVING AT CAMP. We recommend you get on it and use your college health clinic. We will send you the form.
    ALL STAFF MUST HAVE A BACKGROUND CHECK PERFORMED ON THEM AS PER STATE LAW FOR EMPLOYEES WORKING WITH CHILDREN TO SCREEN FOR SEX OFFENSES. We will conduct checks on the last five counties in which your social security number has been used after you are hired. We also call the current 900 number that is available for convicted sex offenders. All counselors must also submit a disclosure form (sent to you after your application has been accepted). This form asks more thorough questions about possible involvement in abuse to minors. Final hiring will depend on a satisfactory response to this form, and a clear background check.
    Coppercreek Camp conducts periodic, random DRUG TESTS of our employees during the summer. We believe wholeheartedly in trying to provide the safest and healthiest environment for our camping children. We are a resident children's summer camp and drugs do not have a place in our community. Please don't apply if this if part of your lifestyle.
    Coppercreek Camp is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER and is committed to providing employment opportunities to individuals whose experience and abilities best match job requirements. It is Coppercreek Camp's policy to insure equal employment opportunities to all qualified persons without regard to any protected characteristic.
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