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Farm Animals at Kids Summer Camp
Farm Animals at Kids Summer Camp Our farm animal "petting zoo" is one of our most popular activities for all ages. Scheduled twice each day, the farm animal program gives campers a chance to feed, clean up after and love our fuzzy friends. Last summer, Flower and Root Beer, our resident pygmy goats, and their newborns (Liberty, July and Skittles) entertained and delighted campers with their antics. King of the Mountain was their favorite game. Sometimes, they even let the campers play! We had baby lop-eared bunnies, miniature donkeys, pigs, banty chickens (nicknamed Rod Stewart and Tina Turner), and a duck who grew up with chickens and actually acted more like a chicken than the chickens did. All of our animals were waiting at the gate every morning and afternoon for the campers to come play. We also had two Chukkars who no matter what we tried, would not stay in their pen. They followed the campers to campfire, on outpost, to activities, and often tried to sit down and eat with them on the dining deck.
All of our animals are kid-friendly and for the most part love the attention that they receive each day. Campers are always accompanied by a staff member in the "petting zoo".
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