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Horse Riding Camp


Driving our minis is quite fun. Our campers sign up for our Miniature Horse Specialty program to drive Jiggy and Beauty around the arena or out on the trails. Both Jiggy and Beauty have lovely temperaments and handle the variety of "whips" (drivers) very well. Campers enjoy handling all 5 of our miniature horses. In addition to driving the little horses, campers take them on walks around the cabin area, jump them “in hand” in the arena, bathe, groom and generally love them up. Some of the campers just enjoy hanging out with them and taking them to graze in the meadow. These minis are great companions especially for the campers who are a bit intimidated by the larger animals.

Vaulting is gymnastics on horseback. The horse is lunged in a circle under the instructor's supervision while the campers practice moves alone, in pairs or triples. It sounds scary, but the campers quickly realize that everyone is capable of mastering the basic moves and patterns at the beginner level. We have a designated vaulting arena with a vaulting barrel nearby to practice on in between turns on the horse. The program is open to any camper regardless if they are signed up for riding lessons. Vaulting was such a popular program last summer, campers and staff put on a demonstration in every talent show. The male staff even created a motto for themselves: "REAL MEN…VAULT".

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