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Drama at Kids Summer Camp

Drama at Kids Summer Camp In all of our performing arts programs, campers can explore their creative side and participate in every aspect of the process with the guidance of our incredibly talented staff who live to share their love of music, theatre and dance. In our drama program, with a costume closet stocked by our local thrift stores, individuality and teamwork combine to create sets, costumes and camper written and directed plays. Drama is scheduled every afternoon and campers can participate on any level from behind the scenes to acting in the lead role. The drama program culminates in a 30-minute performance on the last evening of camp. These performances have ranged from camper written short plays to A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Campfire happens several evenings a week. We sing, dance, perform skits, dress up in costume and sing some of the silliest songs ever written. Our campfires are usually very loud and very rowdy with lots of audience participation, several guitars and occasionally a drum solo or two. Every cabin group is assigned a skit at least once each session, so every camper gets the chance to be on center stage.
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