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Climbing at Kids Summer Camp

Climbing at Kids Summer Camp The spirit of the climber: Is it in you? Do you dream of stepping into the realm of vertical reality? Have you ever seen photos of people climbing and wondered how do they do that? Coppercreek's climbing program is dedicated to stretching camper's limits above the ground, and to taking campers past the mere physical aspects of climbing. Campers will learn how to use all of the latest, greatest equipment and techniques. All of our climbing programs are designed to challenge each camper's individual skills. For some campers just getting their feet off of the ground is a huge accomplishment. Other campers are ready for multi pitched routes, full day and overnight climbing trips. Coppercreek's climbing program has something for everyone. We are dedicated to teaching our campers to be confident and competent with their feet off the ground. Coppercreek Camp's Climbing program offers Traditional Campers a variety of options for participation. All campers are eligible to climb our climbing wall, and to participate in day trips to local climbing areas. Campers going into 6th grade and higher may also sign up for a morning on our High Challenge Course. Campers that are passionate about climbing will get their fill with our Thin Air Patrol program.
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