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Biking at Kids Summer Camp
Mountain Biking is one of our skill-based programs offering traditional campers several different levels of participation. For campers new to the sport or who just want to take a ride or two during their stay, we offer shorter rides, easy trails and instruction in the basics. For the more experienced or more dedicated mountain biker, we offer longer rides, single tracks, jumps and the chance to earn an overnight ride. The overnight trip can cover as much as 75 miles in 2 days of intense riding.
Work at Coppercreek TRAIL JUNIORS:
Our Mountain Biking Trail Juniors program is designed with beginner and intermediate riders in mind. Even campers who are brand new to the sport of mountain biking will fit right into the Trail Junior program. Trail juniors start their adventure on our fire roads and the wide-open trails around camp. We cover all the basics from gearing to riding up hill and downhill to basic trailside repair and maintenance. There is at least one ride scheduled each day for our Trail Juniors, and Trail Juniors who participate in several rides during the course of their stay can also be eligible to participate in our Overnight Adventure.
Does your camper love to mountain bike? Do they spend more time on wheels than they do walking? Then, the Trail Blazers program was designed for you. The Trail Blazer program covers most of the basics that the Trail Juniors program covers from riding to bike repair, then the Trail Blazers move on to more technical and more exciting rides. Coppercreek is covered with single track, technical trails and the infamous "Jump Hill". Trail Blazer rides are offered at least once each day in the morning. Trail Blazers are also eligible for several off site rides to some spectacular local mountain biking areas. The Trail Blazer program will also cover trail maintenance and emergency repairs, as well as some of the more technical aspects of mountain biking. Trail Blazers are also eligible to participate in our Overnight Adventure.
All of our dedicated mountain bikers are eligible for the Overnight Adventure to one of our spectacular local mountain biking spots. The Overnight Adventurers can cover as much as 75 miles in 2 days of intense riding. All of the sites for the Overnight Adventure offer a variety of trails from wide fire roads to intense single track. Campers take several rides over the course of the two days, but also spend time "hanging out" at the campsite and enjoying beautiful alpine lakes, creeks and the company of each other and the Coppercreek Camp Mountain Biking staff.
Coppercreek's BMX course is a masterpiece designed and built by our own staff and campers. It has gap jumps, doubles, tabletops and the ever-popular "PIT". Campers race, jump, have style contests and even help build and maintain this growing and changing course. One of the really special things about our BMX course is that whenever a staff member or camper has a great idea for a new element, we bring a dirt-moving machine (tractors, loaders and shovels) in and build it. The course is constantly improving and campers and staff have truly made it their own. BMX runs separately from our Mountain Biking program, so campers need not have participated in a Mountain Bike ride in order to try out the BMX course.
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