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Coppercreek Camp is located in beautiful Northern California about 2 hours from the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, 10 minutes from Lake Almanor, and about 5 hours from the San Francisco Bay Area.
All in all, we provide Traditional campers with free choice of over 50 activities, including English riding and horse care, a high challenge course, wakeboarding and water sports, kayaking, drama, crafts, archery and riflery, backpacking, golf, mountain biking, BMX and much more. Some activities such as the High Challenge course are scheduled at the beginning of the camper's session. Others, such as horseback riding lessons have specific set schedules, but for the most part, campers can choose hour to hour and day to day the activities that interest them the most!
Coppercreek Camp was founded in 1965 by the late John Lindskog and Lynne Evarts and has been operating continuously ever since. In 1992, John and Lynne's daughter, Lauren Allen, joined in the full time management of Coppercreek. That same year, Craig and Becky Hogland started as counselors. They joined the full-time management team in 2001 after 9 summers at camp and winters in the ski industry. Now Becky, Craig, and Lauren’s daughter Sutter, run camp. The three of us, Sutter, Becky and Craig are on site every day all summer long sharing our love of the outdoors and the incredible experience of camp life.
We take camping and having fun seriously. Our counselors are hand picked by us for their maturity and leadership. Our ratio in most programs is 3 to 1 and the average age of our staff is 24. Most of our staff are graduate students majoring in child development, education, and professional advanced degrees. We also have a core returning staff working with children year round in classrooms, after school programs and on ski slopes!
We are 2 hours from Lake Tahoe, 30 minutes from Lassen National Park, and about 5 hours from the San Francisco Bay Area.

We are committed to:
Family- the value of the family experience for ourselves and those around us.
Experience- activities as a vehicle for personal growth.
Safety- the imperative of safety in all of our undertakings.
Ideas- the importance of new ideas, innovation, and striving for improvement.
Environment- respect for our environment and a sense of stewardship in preservation.
Community- being active in our communities.
Fairness- abiding by The Golden Rule.
Integrity- having integrity in everything we do.

We invite you to follow the links on this page and explore our activities and programs. If you have any questions, please contact us or call us at 1-800-350-0006.

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